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Alpine AJAX Menu


Below are a set of UX patterns implemented using Alpine AJAX with minimal HTML and styling.

You can copy and paste them and then adjust them for your needs.

Toggle Button
The classic “Like” toggle button.
Loading Indicator
Indicate when AJAX requests are processing.
Inline Edit
Edit details inline.
Delete Row
Delete a row from a table.
Edit Row
Edit a table row inline.
Bulk Update
Change multiple items in a collection at once.
Instant Search
Search or filter a data collection while you type.
Filterable Content
Filter down a table or list of content.
Inline Validation
Validate an input field before it is submitted.
Lazy Loading
Lazily load remote content.
Dialog (Modal)
Load remote content in a dialog window.
Progress Bar
Indicate the progress of a long running process.
Infinite Scroll
Load additional content as the user scrolls.
Display notification “toasts”.
Server Events
Build a comment form experience using server initiated events.
Dialog (Modal) Form
Handle forms inside a dialog window.