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Radio Controlled HTML Elements

Woman holding an old-fashioned remote with an antenna

A demonstration

Alpine AJAX is an Alpine.js plugin that enables your HTML elements to request remote content from your server. Use it to build straight-forward, robust, interactive websites.

<form x-init x-target="songs" action="/songs">
<input name="search" @input.debounce="$el.form.requestSubmit()">

<ul id="songs"></ul>

Check the Server Requests to see our server in action!

A stereotypical 1950’s housewife holding a platter of various labeled boxes; some read peas, ice cream, and orange juice

Serve vigorous & vital websites!

Alpine AJAX is under 3kB; combined with Alpine.js you can build almost anything you want with about 18kB of JavaScript total.
There are zero server-side dependencies, you can use it with any server-side stack.
Follow patterns for building progressively enhanced websites that function even when JavaScript is not available.
Alpine AJAX uses JavaScript to enhance the power of HTML rather than replace it with inaccessible workarounds.
AJAX requests are batched to prevent duplicate requests and save you network bandwidth.
You can probably learn all of Alpine AJAX in an afternoon.
Woman speaking into an old-fashioned telephone receiver

No JSON needed!